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Our Solar Installation service is quite simply the roofing element of a solar install taken off your hands. As roofing specialists we have the necessary skills to competently install solar panels on high roofs. This service has been designed with the contractor in mind. Our experience tells us that Plumbers and Electricians don't want to climb roofs to install panels due to the risk of injury from falling from heights and the possibility that they may brake a tile, and end up calling a roofer!

Our solar roofing teams have the following:

- NFRC Solar Installer training
- Solar Century approved installers
- Trained in working at height

Sustainable energy is now a more-viable and planet-friendly option for many people. With increasing numbers of people wishing to install solar collectors and other energy-saving products to their roofs, it is more important than ever to employ a competent person for the job.

What are Active Roofs?

While roofs have primarily been used to keep out the weather, active roofs are now also required to provide electricity, hot water and heating to the buildings over which they stand. The products which provide these services include Photo Voltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal modules, micro-wind appliances and a host of other clever gadgets.

What does this have to do with roofers?

The UK, like all its European Colleagues, is committed to renewable energies and reducing C02 emissions and if we are to reach our targets we must bring Active Roofs into the mainstream. Across Europe, a huge amount of avoidable damage has incurred by badly installed solar panels in roofs, mainly down to poor interfacing with the roofing covering. Many products and systems could, and perhaps more importantly, should be being fixed by roofers who, with some yop-up training, have all the necessary skills to install these devises while keeping the roof weatherproof. Suppliers recognise this and are actively seeking roofing contractors to come forward and become involved in the process.


If you are considering installing solar collectors and other micro-generation systems then visit following websites where you will find all the information you need on grants and other installation related topics:


Solar Panel System Manufacturers

For installation of the whole system please call us as we can put you in touch with approved installers.


For the latest grants available please see

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